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Charterer’s Testimonial

Conditions during our 5 days aboard “Infusion” were perfect for testing the Fusion 40. We had 15-30 knots, rain, sun, and a variety of other sea and tide conditions. We purposely put ourselves in positions with tide against wind on several occasions to fully explore the handling of the boat. One occasion we had 25 knots and a very steep 3-4 meter sea to deal with and put the boat through every angle of it. Up wind reaching 3/4 and Running Square, the boat was very impressive and handled it with ease. There was no banging at all not once and believe me I tried to get a wave to slap us from underneath without successes. The clearance is obviously ample.

The boat is very impressive, stable, dry and not at all worrying to steer. I had a good friend on board who had never sailed before and within 2 days could handle the boat with ease. The volume of the boat is awesome. We never once found ourselves in each others way or having to move for, or step around each other. I have spent my whole life on boats, both power and sail from 33-86 feet. I can not remember a more enjoyable week on any other boat.

There was no condensation, I imagine due to the foam core. Nor were there any damp smells or cold spots at all.The boat is a delight at anchorage and functions extremely well. Our boat had a full sized bathroom, which I believe is essential for extended cruising. The galley up was terrific and I personally wouldn’t have it any other way. The 3 cabins were light, airy and very comfortable indeed. There is no noise at all whilst at anchor, none of the usual water slapping or tickling against the hull. Due once again to the foam insulation I would imagine. There is plenty on head room throughout giving the boat a very roomy feel.

Our boat had a typical under powered charter boat rig(20% down), with the self-tacking jib no bigger than a Brazilian bikini bottom. Giving the immediate handicap of this sail plan, I was really impressed with the performance we got. 15-20 knots of breeze we were getting sevens and eights to windward. 25-30 knots with one reef we were achieving nines. This was with a full load of fuel, water and 2 fixed props, so I would imagine it would be very easy to achieve competitive performance figures with out any trouble.

We were fortunate on the last day of our holiday to sail with a Shionning 46. We had met up with a very nice
English couple that owned the boat, Ray and Jackie, on Hamilton island 2 days earlier. They had a serious interest in the Fusion 40 as they where thinking of taking one back to the U.K in kit form. Our discussions were very comprehensive including construction, pay loads, sail area and centre board performance to windward as apposed to our boat without.

The last day of our very enjoyable holiday, we were met with a 20 knot south-easter perfect for our comparison sail. We put both boats hard to windward for several kilometres and surprisingly the performance was equal. The Fusion pointed as high and held its own with no centre boards. We then eased the gear and fell away slightly to let both boats revel in the beautiful conditions for another kilometre or so before falling away further to a broad reach. The boats performed almost identically. Ray had reduced his rig to match our under powered charter boat rig. Having said that we had done everything possible to make the comparison as fair and equal as we could, even giving consideration to water and fuel.

In summary; I went to the Whitsundays specifically to test the Fusion 40 with a view to purchase if satisfied. The boat is a delight to sail and fantastic at anchor. The level of comfort, volume and performance is incredible! Our fuel consumption, motoring (Batteries and Fridges) for 3 hours a day, at 2800rpm, doing 8.5 knots, cost us under $90.00 over 5 days. Another attraction of the Fusion is that you can alter or customize the boat very easily and inexpensively.

My conversations with Jim Gard have all been very helpful and informative and I have been assured that customizing a boat to suit my requirements and expectations would be easily achieved. I can’t wait to get my Fusion in the water.

Scott Olive, NT

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